Phoenix tree, Chinese parasol tree


Phoenix tree,
Chinese parasol tree:Firmiana simplex CL.) W.F.Wight

English Name:  Phoenix tree,
Chinese parasol tree
Roman Name:  Aogiri
Crude drug name:
Flowering season:  June-July
Use site:  All trees ( stock ) , leaves, seeds
Plant commentary:  Deciduous tree . Height 15 ~ 20m, reaches 60 centimeters in diameter . Leaves and alternate , length 15 ~ 25cm, in the oblate -shaped or heart -shaped width 15 ~ 27cm, to three to five crack shallow palm -shaped . Petiole is 10 ~ 30cm, the base is heart -shaped , saw-tooth is not . It issued a large panicle in branches , sprinkled with male and female flowers , and gregarious the sepals five floret of yellowish white . Fruit cracking in 5 pieces of the boat , ripen in October , put a 1-5 small spherical seeds edge of carpel of length 5 ~ 10cm.
Origin and distribution:  Izu Peninsula , Kii Peninsula , Shikoku , Kyushu , Okibaku , Taiwan , such as China , distributed in the tropics from East Asia subtropical . It grows in coastal forests and secondary forests . In the positive trees , I prefer a fertile land exposed to enough sun .
Purpose and effect:  Because relatively strong even in the sea breeze and air pollution , garden , park , street trees , the shade tree , the wood joinery , furniture , and musical instruments . Bark fiber is strong ®, consisting of textile , cotton , the raw material of the net . Contact Ri contains mucilage in the bark , and the paper pastes shampooing or fee soaked in water . Seeds are eaten and roasting , in the era room cho seeds in confectionery , during the war was a substitute Lee Tsute coffee . There is the effect of the stomach , and taking roasted , abdominal pain , work such as stomach pains . Once upon a time was also used to maggots prevention of the seed toilet . The leaves are blood pressure drop , has an effect on the dynamic pulse curing prevention , leaves and dried there is also a report it intends trough that was a substitute for cigarettes .