Snailseed,Moonseed:Cocculus trilobus (Thunb.) DC.

English Name: Snailseed,Moonseed
Roman Name: Aotsuzurafiiji
Crude drug name:
Flowering season: July-August
Use site: Root ( crude drug use ) , rhizome , Kukimiki
Plant commentary:  Woody deciduous vine . Dioecious . Vine has long Shin pill , it is to reach a high position of Takagi is the degree involving in Mugu shrub . The leaves are without each other , form is rich in change . The length of the leaves are intended to 3 lobed at 3 ~ 12cm whether these triangle – Hirotamagogata , there is a little luster . Short hair down to stalk many grow . Petiole has a 1 ~ 3cm, upward of hair length . The flowers are 3 number of the small size of the panicles , inconspicuous pale yellow . Petals and sepals are six . Previous petals two cleft . Tufted fruit similar to grapes , spherical with a diameter of 6 ~ 7mm in autumn , ripe indigo black , wear a white powder . The seeds in one , turn to the rounded U -shaped flat during the Shiwagaaru .
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Hokkaido , distributed in Okinawa , grows in fields and mountains . See may be a roadside tag Metropolitan urban areas in the bush . Korea , Taiwan , China , also distributed such as in the Philippines . Cocculus genus there about 11 species around the world of the tropics.
Purpose and effect:  Analgesic action as a substitute in the traditional Chinese medicine , diuretic , detoxification , there is the effect of lowering the blood pressure . Rheumatic pain , also used to , such as hypertension . Topically to the bite wound of the snake .