Jack in the pulpit in green


Jack in the pulpit in green:Arisaema tosaense Makino

English Name: Jack in the pulpit in green
Roman Name: Aotennanshou
Flowering season: May-June
Use site: Rhizome
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 20 ~ 70cm. The leaves are two (sometimes one ) . Small leaves are 7 to 11 pieces in a bird foot -like , there is an irregular wavy sawtooth a wide elliptical oval . Center earlier suddenly was Surudotoga at 10 ~ 15cm in length , extending in a filamentous . Spathe is pale green to pale dirty purple , previously curved sauce long to strongly forward , have a sharp peak of egg-shaped . Both edge is raised by warp center also bulging back . Pale green many stems , those of purpura is small. Nisekuki is relatively short of the total height less than one-third . Adjunct of the spadix is ahead is not blistering in a white circle head columnar , it is almost the same length as the cylinder .
Origin and distribution:  Honshu ( Okayama Prefecture , Seto Inland Sea coastal areas ) , Shikoku , native to Bungo Oshima of the forest of Kyushu . Although Shikoku things thick low-growing , the whole thing of Chugoku is tall in excellent shape . The Kochi Prefecture same Arisaema Mamushigusa , Musashiapumi , Arisaema thunbergii subsp. Urashima , Mitsuba dragon , tropical back Shima Saw , 17 species , including non-cancer Mamushigusa growing wild .
Purpose and effect:  The genus plant in Miyakejima species of tag Izu Islands with a poison out截the corm of the island ten Nan Shaw ( Hengodama ) to dumplings , ate at the time of Jiujiang . Or cultivated as mountain grass , used for ornamental purposes . Expectorant antispasmodic , used swelling , stiff neck , chest pain , for ornamental purposes . However , the raw rhizome , it is necessary to note that there is a toxic .