Red leaved hornbeam


Red leaved hornbeam:Carpinus laxiflora (Siebold et Zucc.) Blume

English Name: Red leaved hornbeam
Roman Name: Akashide
Flowering season: April – May
Use site: All tree ( wood )
Plant commentary:  A height of about 15m, Takagi fallen leaves with a diameter of about 60cm. Stem is upright , the multi- branch . Bark is smooth and dark gray . Leaves and alternate , oval – oval of length 3 ~ 8cm, previously sharp pointed . There are irregular fine serrated edge , lateral vein of 7 to 15 pairs are aligned parallel to the diagonal . Sprouts red , also autumn to autumn leaves . With a pubescence on the pulse of Howrah . The flowers are deployed at the same time as the leaves . Male inflorescence is drooping from the previous year’s twigs , oval in red brown yellow . Female inflorescence per new branch of the previous , pale green . Nut is the length of 3 ~ 8cm, Hirotamagogata .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido , I prefer a fertile place to damp such as the banks of the Yamano . Korea , grows wild in China . Also distributed all in Shikoku five Carpinus japonica genus in Japan .
Purpose and effect:  Garden tree for bonsai , ornamental , and park trees , equipment and furniture material , alcove posts , shiitake Hoda trees , are used , such as in manufacturing carbonaceous material .