Madder:Rubia argyi(H.Lé Vaniot)H.Hara ex Lauener

English Name: Madder
Roman Name: Akane
Flowering season: July-September
Use site: Roots , rhizomes , stems, leaves , fruit
Plant commentary:  Climbing perennial . Roots with a thick beard -like , raw yellow-red but shiny when the , the dried to and dark purple . The stem is in the square can not be upright , to growth while grappling a downward thorn in the crest . The leaves are whorled from section one by four , but opposite leaf arrangement , length 3~7cm, heart -shaped ~ Nagatamagogata of width 1~3cm. There is a length long handle of the 1~3cm, earlier pointed sharply , of which two things became the leaves to change stipules . Give the inflorescence from branches and leaf axils . Corolla diameter 3~4mm, pale yellow- green . Put a small of 5 Benhana . Hana after can black spherical soft Les , somewhat hard seed wrapped in flesh .
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Honshu , Korea , Taiwan , and distribution in China ( south from Central ) , native , such as the edge of the roadside and forest .
Purpose and effect:  The staining use while hot is soup boiling out the roots . And the yellow lye concentration thin , dark and reddish increases . Although were used to red dye , it is necessary to pay attention to sensitization of the skin . Akane Sokon digging the roots and rhizomes to around 10 to 11 May , to be well dried in the sun after washing . Have the effect of anti-inflammatory and cough Manado , chronic bronchitis , tonic as鎮晐expectorant , diuretic , hemostatic , kidney disease , jaundice , neuralgia , used for arthritis. Also , to use the fruit as Tsukei agent at the time of the irregular menstruation . To herbal medicine the leaves and stems as Akanekusa stalk .