Akicnouji:Isodon longitubus (Miq.) Kudo

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Akicnouji
Flowering season: August-October
Use site: All grass
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 40 ~ 90cm. And it is easy to those longer fell , low in many cases. The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , length 7 ~ 15cm, long oval – oval of width 3 ~ 6cm. Sparsely there is hair , tip pointed sharply . Base flows long petioles become a wing of the wedge-shaped . Out the racemes from the side of the former and leaves of the stems , pale blue-violet at length about 2cm of the elongated tubular flowers arrive aligned to one side . Upper lip is 4 cleft , the lower lip is a boat . Upper lip of the calyx is 3 cleft , the lower lip is 2 Crack . Fruit is 4 minutes fruit . Japanese name flowers bloom in the fall , named after that the flower of the form is similar to clove .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Gifu Prefecture, west , to grow from warm temperate upper forest edge and Tanisuji of deciduous broad-leaved forest of over the cold zone , in a semi- shady places, such as along the mountain path .
Purpose and effect:  Or cultivated as wild plants , used for ornamental purposes .