Goldenrod:Solidago virgaurea L.subsp.

English Name: Goldenrod
Roman Name: Akinokirinsou
Flowering season: August-November
Use site: All grass , sprout
Plant commentary: Perennial . Height 30 ~ 80cm. The stem is upright elongated , and the lower part there is a short-haired purple black , branch at . Leaf is and alternate . The lower part of the leaves are egg-shaped pointed tip – oval of the stem , Hiharijo is at the top of the stem . The leaves and lower leaves of the middle there is a wing , Neha is particularly handle long slightly fasciculation . There is a saw tooth to the inner song slightly , there is a tracery of fine veins in the lower part . Flower head flower arrive many become the spikes on the stem destination . Corolla is yellow , diameter 12 ~ 14mm. There tubular flowers ( both sexes ) are 10 in the center , around wide linear tongue -shaped flowers ( female ) surrounds . The inside of the cylindrical fruit is fruit autumn晚夏, there is a crest in .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido , it grows in a sunny location in the mountains and hills . Once around the paddy fields surrounded by woodlands , normally native to , such as the banks of the pond , was a representative of Akikusa . Korea , widely distributed in the Eurasian continent .
Purpose and effect:  All grass was dried stomach medicine , used for the diuretic . Sprout will be edible .