Indian lettuce


Indian lettuce:Lactuca indica L.

English Name: Indian lettuce
Roman Name: AKinonogeshi
Flowering season: September-November
Use site: Whole plant ( sprouts , Wakana )
Plant commentary:  Large of one to two years grass also become height 1~2m. The stem is erect , smooth and hairless . Leaves and alternate , the base harbor stems . And Fuka裂to feather -like in the opposite direction in the long oval , also white milk comes out and fold the stems and leaves . The flowers are put on a large number of flower head with a diameter of about 2cm in pale yellow in panicles . To expand in a circle only in the petals ( ray florets ) . Hana after a white crown hair , black flat of achenes of length 5mm flies in the wind . Vegetables is the lettuce and the same genus of plant .
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Hokkaido , Okiwata , Taiwan , Korea , and distribution , such as in China – Southeast Asia – Mareshia , native to the sunny meadows and mountains .
Purpose and effect:  3 boiled to 4 salt shoots , young leaves of early May , exposed to hydrate , soak your , oil fried , in Oki緹used for home cooking the young leaves as a real salad and juice . Called the boyishness because white milk comes out and tearing the stems and leaves in Kochi , it has been the bait of the rabbit . Cold , wet evil to have an effect , also there is a detoxification . Since the soft leaves and sprouts there is a maturation , normalization of any action of the blood vessels , can be used as a beauty food material for the purpose of prevention and improvement of wrinkles and edema .