Akebonosumire:Viola rossii Hemsl.

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Akebonosumire
Flowering season: April-May
Use site: Shoots , young leaves
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 5 ~ 10cm. In the companion of violets date, underground tomb laterally extending short and wide . The leaves are not fully deployed in the time of the flower . Leaves start out the leaves that are curled up on the inside was a multi- device deployment in the egg heart -shaped tip is small, pointed object of 4 ~ 7cm, fine hair grows on both sides . Base is deeply indented , with a saw tooth . The flowers are red purple with a diameter of 2 ~ 2.5cm, distance is a little thick and short tool -side valve is hairy – hairless . Japanese name is named after the fact that even if the flower color to the dawn of the color of the sky .
Origin and distribution:  It is distributed to Kyushu from Hokkaido , the tag of West distribution to the inland of the Pacific Ocean near the small . Only distributed in Inohara in Kochi Prefecture . Wooded area of sunny place and rather dry in the mountains , like the Kagechi . Korea , northern China , also distributed to the Ussuri .
Purpose and effect:  Since the underground tomb of violet genus there is mucus , grated , eaten as Tororo . Pickles and boiled shoots , young leaves of until just before flowering , use marinated , fruit juice , the vinegar . Murasakihanachihinoto is that of the whole plant of sessile species of Violaceae Viola , inflammation and blotches of the skin due to fester , mastitis , a variety of abdominal pain , used to bite the poison snake .