Felwort:Swertia bimaculata Hook.f. et Thomson ex C.B.Clarke

English Name: Felwort
Roman Name: Akebonosou
Flowering season: September – October
Use site: All grass
Plant commentary:  Two years grass . At a height of about lm The stem is upright , square . 1 year ecology is grown in the basal leaves only the rosette with a long-handled , in the second year blossom out on the ground stems . Basal leaves are very similar to the plantain has a long handle , wither in the flowering stage . The leaves are opposite phyllotaxis , long oval of length 5 ~ 12cm. Vertical three to five veins stand out . There is no sawtooth and petiole . Flowers and branches actively minutes from the axils , put one white flowers with a diameter of 2cm to tip . Corolla 5 crack to near the base , the distal end portion observed many points of dark purple , there are two circular dense glands pale green in the center . The fruit is two dehiscence in蒴果.
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido , grow forest floor , in damp places , such as the banks of the surrounding meadows and mountains of the creek of wetlands . China ( center – west ) , also distributed in the Himalayas .
Purpose and effect:  Or cultivated as wild plants , used for ornamental purposes . Acute hepatitis what was collected and dried to Zenkusa from summer to autumn , gastroenteritis , fever of the common cold , used for toothache .