Sea fig, Deciduous fig


Sea fig, Deciduous fig:Ficus superba (Miq.) Miq. var.japonica Miq.

English Name: Sea fig, Deciduous fig
Roman Name: Akou
Flowering season: May
Use site: All trees
Plant commentary:  Semi- evergreen tree . Height 10~20m. Hanging a large number of aerial roots from around the stem , it stuck like a rock . Leaves and alternate , length 8~15cm, oval width 4~8cm. Previously pointed short , the base both sides hairless circular . Gawamyaku 6-8 pairs. On the side of the axils and deciduous trace , can hump -like projections , put one to three small hypanthodium of shape similar to fig . Female flowers in one of the flower sac , male , there is a galls flower . Galls flower in diameter 8~10mm, white spherical , become edible tinged with ripen and pink .
Origin and distribution:  Kii Peninsula and Yamaguchi Prefecture , southern Shikoku , Kyushu , the Nansei Islands , Taiwan , southern China , and distribution in Southeast Asia , lowlands and along the temperate region of the coast , to grow even in a rocky place of other plants grown hard limestone areas .
Purpose and effect: Windbreak trees , tide trees , is used as a street tree . Because there is a cold resistance than banyan , used as an ornamental plant . The eat delicious young leaves and ripe fruit , no different in that it is still Ficus ( dog loquat ) is the best . The taste is not as much as Ficus , but Oobaakou [Ficus caulocarpa Miq.) , Including the young leaves and edible . Because it is evergreen , but deciduous all at once , because the budding sprouts in early after defoliation time , may pluck the young leaves . Although the fruit sweetness is not suitable for not eaten raw , I’d recommend making jam together Zuina , including a rare sugar .