Creeping raspwort


Creeping raspwort:Hcuoragis micrantha (Thunb.) R.Br.

English Name: Creeping raspwort
Roman Name: Arinotougusa
Flowering season: July-September
Use site: All grass
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 10 ~ 40cm. Stalk is elongated and fasciculation , often a reddish brown . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , but the top is and alternate at the time . Leaf length 6 ~ 12mm, oval – egg circular width 4 ~ 10mm. There are sessile or short handle , the base circle . It has a blunt saw-tooth , hairless . The lower part of the stalk is branched crawling on the ground surface , put the stems upright and beard root from the section . Out several branches of length 12 ~ 25cm, put the dots small flowers of yellow- brown facing down . 4 Benhana is oblong , yellow- brown to red . The fruit is almost spherical in stone fruit , there are eight assistant conditions .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in various parts of Japan , Yamano sunny pond banks , wetlands , grasslands , to grow , such as the ridge . Those that grow in places that are exposed to the cold wind often has to turn red . Distributed widely in tropical from the temperate zone , such as Southeast Asia .
Purpose and effect:  Dried take in the summer , antipyretic , through flights , detoxification , irregular menstruation , bruises , used to burn .