Izusenryou:Maesa japonica (Thunb.) Moritzi et Zoll.

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Izusenryou
Flowering season: April-May
Use site: Roots, leaves
Plant commentary:  Evergreen shrub . Dioecious . At a height of about 1m, minute trick is small. Leaves and alternate , length 5~17cm, sharp peak in the long oval of width 2~5cm, having a rough irregular sawtooth . Surface has glossy dark green , the back surface veins stand out in dark green with gray-green . Fall out the racemes of length 1~3cm in axils , there is a WASH yellow-white flowers bloom in the cylindrical of about 5mm to the next year of 4-5 May . The fruits ripen in milky white in the fall at about 5mm, spherical berries diameter . Seeds there is a ridge in a very small sag black and length 0.5mm.
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Honshu ( Ibaraki Prefecture, west ) , the Nansei Islands , Okinawa , widely distributed in subtropical from warm temperate of East Asia . And growth , such as in the valleys of the evergreen forests and deciduous broad-leaved forest , and requires little water .
Purpose and effect:  The fruit contains a component that Mesakinon , is need use to tapeworm extermination in India . Detoxification , headache associated with the common cold , is used , such as dizziness .