Painted maple, Five-lobed, Veitch fir


Painted maple, Five-lobed, Veitch fir:

Acer pictum Thunb.

English Name: Painted maple, Five-lobed, Veitch fir
Roman Name: Itayakaede
Flowering season: April-May
Use site: All tree ( wood ) , bark
Plant commentary:  Deciduous tree . Height 15~20m. The diameter of the stem is reached about 1m, it becomes large tree among the maple kind . Bark is a smooth and喑灰color , but in the old tree to lobed . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , and 5-7 cleft in the palm -like in the oblate shape of the length 7~15cm. In the fall, the yellow leaves . Branches in diameter 5~6mm, put 10 to 50 pieces of pale yellow flowers . Fruit length 2~3cm, wing opens at an acute angle . 9 to ripen to yellow- brown in around October .
Origin and distribution:  Japan endemic species . Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido . It grows in the mountains , often in moist places such as along the mountain stream . The Korean Peninsula , China , Amur , also distributed to Sakhalin .
Purpose and effect:  Garden trees , park trees , are planted as a street tree . Wood is floorboards , decorative material , exercise equipment ( skis , rackets frame , such as a pin bowling ) , ( back plate of the bus Iorin , action parts of the piano ) instrument used for such . The maple kind there is a sap , including sugar , what is well known is the sugar maple of North American production . It includes nutritious ingredients such as amino acids and minerals , in Japan is high sap sugar maple . To fermentation corruption and put a few days , immediately boiled down , make a syrup . Stripped the bark in the spring and fall , and then dried , rheumatic pain , fractures , used to bruise .