Spider brake


Spider brake:Pteris multifida Poir.

English Name: Spider brake
Roman Name: Inomotosou
Flowering season: June-October
Use site: All grass , roots
Plant commentary:  Evergreen fern plant . Rhizome creeping short . Width 0.5~1cm and Semagu leaf blades of the leaves are the top feather pieces in a single feather -shaped leaves , dull green of thin paper quality . Petiole is a straw color , scale of the base will be dark brown . There is a clear wings to the center pole of the leaves . Edge of the wing piece is serrated , the base becomes the flow noticeable wing to the center pole . The leaves are slightly 2 form . Nutrition leaves are split with the exception of the bottom of the lobe to a single feather -like , there is a serrated edge in length 4~15cm. Petiole of spore leaves rising long , length 60cm. And Maki inside the edge , sorus will arrive long along the side edge of the wing piece . It can be seen a lot , such as the well and nearby stone wall is derived from the Japanese name .
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Honshu ( south southern Tohoku ) , Okinawa , Taiwan , China , the distribution , such as in Indochina . Slightly damp stone wall , streets , grown from a nearby house , such as the mountain areas of the forest edge , like the semi- shade of the north-facing .
Purpose and effect:  As a houseplant , the shape of the leaf is also used of the like filled with unique and white spots . The medicated all the grass and roots , jaundice type of hepatitis as anti-inflammatory antidote , enteritis , used in the treatment of various types of bleeding .