Japanese swallow-wort


Japanese swallow-wort:Vincetoxicum japonicum (C.Morren et Decne.) Decne.

English Name: Japanese swallow-wort
Roman Name: Iyokazura
Flowering season: May-July
Use site: Sap
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 30~80cm. The stem is upright , there is a slightly Fushimi hair , tip and stem is extended is also to become a vine -like . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , length 3~10cm, oval width 3~7cm. There is a short handle , previously pointed short . Tanre at the top of the leaf axils , issued a scape , put a large number of pale yellow flowers with a diameter of about 8mm. Corolla is 5 Fuka裂, lobe is often warped , calyx also 5 Fuka裂. Fruit is the length 4~6cm, wide lanceolate of bag fruit , seeds with a crown hair . Japanese name is derived from the fact that has been discovered in Ehime Prefecture . In addition , Suzumenoogoke of alias , the Hachioke a container of ramie to be put hemp and meaning as ” Ogoke ” , Chinami that is indeed similar to the shape of the container , Tomitaro Makino Dr. and associative naming did.
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Honshu , the Ogasawara Islands , Korea , Taiwan , and distribution in China , grows to such as grassland and dry near the coast and beaches .
Purpose and effect:  As a feature of the Asclepiadaceae , hurt or turn off the branch and come out bleeding white liquid latex . This latex has a bitter taste , estimates that mainly terpenoid component . The fellow vincetoxicum Vincetoxicum, anti- other oxidizing action , of桩品species having the functionality of as a raw material in many cases.