Nettle, Biting cat


Nettle, Biting cat:Urtica thunbergiana Siebold et Zucc.

English Name: Nettle, Biting cat
Roman Name: Irakusa
Flowering season: June-September
Use site: Stem and leaf
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 30~100cm. Stem has thorns bristle length 1~ 2mm to square fixture leaves and stems , touch and there is a sharp pain . Leaves and alternate , tip in the oval of length 5 ~ 15cm is pointed , there is a large saw-tooth . At the base of the petiole , the two stipules leaves have stipules leaf oval coalesced . Green white male in the axils , give a pale green female flowers on the stem top in a conical shape .
Origin and distribution:  Kyushu from Honshu ( south of Fukushima Prefecture ) , native to Korea , North America , also found in Europe . Such as NatsuMidori broadleaf榭林valleys of , growing in moderately moist areas of semi- shade .
Purpose and effect:  Poison component of the cause of the pain , as the Jiujiang plant in the eyes during the war , which was made ​​in non-toxic by the cook with a water-soluble , the boiled leaves and dried was in food . It becomes soft , high-quality fiber of raw materials with a gloss similar to silk . As Yokuyuryo such as the stubborn pain , fresh leaves was applied well to the affected area to come out juice massaged , used for relaxation of antidote to poison and pain , such as snakes and venom insect . As a medicinal herb that there is a blood glucose lowering effect in Europe , it has been widely known as a health tea to diabetes .