Japanese maple


Japanese maple:Acer palmatum Thunb.

English Name: Japanese maple
Roman Name: Irohamomiji
Flowering season: April-May
Use site: All tree ( wood ) , young leaves
Plant commentary:  Deciduous in the tree . Height 10~15m, about 80cm or more in diameter of the stem . Awahai brown bark is tinged with green . A smooth , slightly there is a pattern of vertical stripes . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , deeply 5-9 cleft in the palm -like in 3~7cm in both length and width . Petiole is autumn leaves 1.5~3cm, from yellow- brown to red in the fall . Issue a floral along with the leaves . Tinged with yellow-green or purple in diameter 5~8mm, I put a small 5 Benhana than sepals to 10-20 down . Sepals five is dark purple . The fruit is a propeller -like wings result of the length of about 1.5cm, ripen in July-September .
Origin and distribution:  Honshu south , Shikoku , distributed in Kyushu . About the altitude from the plains of the Pacific Ocean side l, low- mountain over the 000m, plateau , hilly area , often along the valley of the mountains . Takagi Shigeru grow young trees in the wooded area . In addition , the Korean Peninsula , China , also distributed in Taiwan .
Purpose and effect:  Or using the salted the young leaves in heaven bra , building , equipment material , garden , park trees , bonsai , is used as an ornamental .