Wild daisy


Wild daisy:Ixeris stolonifera A.Gray

English Name: Wild daisy
Roman Name: Iwanigana
Flowering season: March-June
Use site: Young leaves , whole plant
Plant commentary:  Perennial . It stems crawl on the ground branched . The leaves are the root per , length 0.9 ~3cm, with oval – wide oval of width 0.8~2.5cm, long thin petiole . The base is made of a circular – wedge-shaped , saw-tooth is not . Flowers length 8~15cm, put one to three head flower yellow diameter 2~2.5cm. Involucre is cylindrical 0.8~1cm. Achene is to spindle-shaped length 4~6mm somewhat flattened . Derived from the Japanese name is if there is soil even a little , named after that grow in the rocks . Jishibari alias is generally used .
Origin and distribution:  Okiwata from Hokkaido , Korea , and distribution in China , sunny fields and mountains , the fields哇, grows , such as in the field .
Purpose and effect:  Young leaves are bitter , eaten boiled . As a folk medicine , the whole plant of the flowering stage to solar drying , stuffy nose , use , such as in the stomach .