Self heal


Self heal:Prunella vulgaris L. subsp. asiatica (Nakai) H.Hara

English Name: Self heal
Roman Name: Utsubogusa
Flowering season: June-August
Use site: All grass
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 10~30cm. Spread stretched branches rushed to the earth’s surface , the tip is made in the following year seedlings . The stem of the cross-section is square . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , has a shallow serrated edge in lanceolate , white coarse hair is dense . Give the inflorescence to spikes of length 3~8cm to shoot apex . Among the bracts of the heart -shaped densely opposite leaf arrangement , blooms three purple lips -shaped flowers . Upper lip is a helmet -shaped , the lower lip is split into three , the edge of the center of the lobe is cut into finely . Flowers two calyx is closed fruit matures and end .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in various parts of Japan , Yamano , grasslands of sunny fields and mountains , native to many footpath . Distributed widely over the temperate zone from East Asia boreal .
Purpose and effect:  It is cultivated as fields and mountains grass . Shoots , young leaves and in the boiled salt those exposed to hydrate , in such boiled -soaked . Flowers in salad decoration raw . When I fall of the spike has began to brown , take the spike , and sun drying , decoction and drinking . Diuretic , there are anti-inflammatory action , lymph node tuberculosis , goiter , hypertension , headache , malignant swelling , edema , nephritis , cystitis , stomatitis , used to tonsillitis .