Japanese culfnral religion fern


Japanese culfnral religion fern:Diplopterygium glaucum (Houtt.) Nakai

English Name: Japanese culfnral religion fern
Roman Name: Urajiro
Flowering season: June-October
Use site: above-ground parts ( petiole – leaf )
Plant commentary:  Fern plant . Evergreen . Rhizome is long Yes , dark brown of the scale is dense . Stems are elongated , put the two leaves of each year from the tip . One-to- center pole branch of the ( wing pieces ) is Fuka裂to twice pinnate with oblong lanceolate . Yellow-green to green soft paper quality shiny . Back will arrive is Shirogu star -like hair . Sorus lined in a row in the middle of the rib and the edge in the edge pieces .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in the laurel forest zone from Honshu ( central west ) to the Southwest Islands . The Tohoku region there is no distribution . Foothills , mountains of the forest floor , is gregarious in wet areas such as the northern slopes and valleys .
Purpose and effect:  Petiole of rigid chopsticks , gridiron and Bon , will be used to work , such as the basket . For the back of the leaf is white , God also said to represent the no innocent mind both sides to , as the couple leaves come out in two single- pair to live a long life to gray hair , also green leaves form a stage especially I hope descendant prosperity , to New Year decorations . Most of the fern plant does not have a poison , the most there is no trace or adverse report also have is believed to be due to the fact that the food and lye pulling it boiled young leaves of the time of sprouting .