Urajironoki:Aria japonica Decne.

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Urajironoki
Flowering season: May-June
Use site: all tree ( wood ) , fruit
Plant commentary:  Eloquence flower of dicotyledonous plants . Deciduous tree of height 10 ~ 15 m. To form a long branch and Tan’eda . It is from the short branch out two to four leaves , looks like a whorled . Nagaeda becomes clear and alternate . Leaves and alternate , of length 5 ~ 15cm oval – wide obovate . At regular heavy saw-tooth , a small saw teeth are five back and forth in the triangle -shaped sharp sawtooth . Gawamyaku is present 8-11 , beautifully run parallel out to the tip of the saw teeth . Lateral vein protrudes on the lower surface , closely there is a white hair . To form a multi- corymb to branches . The flowers are white with a diameter of 1 ~ 1.5cm, Hanabashira is two . The fruit is ripe orange pome of倒卵-shaped oval , in the autumn .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Honshu , grow to the location where you want to dry , such as ridges and mountain peaks of the mountain range .
Purpose and effect:  Equipment material ( tray , box , handle of the instrument ) , firewood , garden trees , used for ornamental purposes . Ripe fruit is edible similar to the taste of the apple .