Hawthorn-leaved maple


Hawthorn-leaved maple:Acer crataegifolium Siebold et Zucc.

English Name: Hawthorn-leaved maple
Roman Name: Urikaede
Flowering season: April-May
Use site: all tree ( wood )
Plant commentary:  Deciduous in the tree . A height of about 8m. The bark of the young stem is dark green , the striped pattern that is similar to the selling of the pericarp . Leaf length 4 ~ 8cm, width 3 ~ 5cm. Shallowly 3 to 5 crack , conspicuous three thick vein extending from the base , heavy saw tooth . In the autumn to autumn colors from yellow to red-orange . Branches to issue a length of about 4cm of inflorescence , put a small pale yellow flowers with a diameter of about 8mm. The fruits are about 3cm length , wing opens substantially parallel , reddish . Around September ripen to brown .
Origin and distribution:  In Japan endemic species , distributed in the Kyushu from Honshu ( south of Miyagi Prefecture ) , native to the low mountains of the forest and along the forest road , bright hills secondary forest .
Purpose and effect:  Garden , planting as a park tree , to use the instrument material ( chopsticks , toothpicks , toys) .