Urinoki:Alangium platanifolium Harms var. trilobatum Ohwi

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Urinoki
Flowering season: May-June
Use site: root , all trees
Plant commentary:  Deciduous shrub . A height of about 3m. Leaves and alternate , to 3 to 7 lobed in length 10 ~ 20cm. Mother lode is five to palm -like , on the surface , but the hair is the sparse , on the back pubescence is dense . Hana issues a floral leaf axils . Sparsely branched at the top , blooms fairly large white of 6 Benhana to the tip of the pedicel . Petals in a linear , open and changed around the outside . Fruit is in deep blue and ripen in the stone fruit of the wide oval – spherical .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido , prefer along the valley of summer green broad-leaved forest of cool temperate zone , Sawasuji , the喑have places such as the forest edge from warm temperate top . Korea , China , widely distributed in tropical regions in Southeast Asia .
Purpose and effect:  In the United Kingdom it is popular as garden trees . For a native of the land suitable for afforestation of cedar , it is an indicator of the candidate to choose . In China pensive roots , anesthesia , to use as there is a function of contraception . Is toxic it is reported to contain a component having a sweetness .