Redvein maple


Redvein maple:Acer rufinerve Siebold et Zucc.

English Name: Redvein maple
Roman Name: Urihadakaede
Flowering season: May
Use site: all tree ( wood )
Plant commentary:  Deciduous tree . Dioecious ( rarely the same strain ) . The bark of the young stem is smooth dark green . Gradually perpendicular to the vertical crack can crepe -like crack , white brown to brown with stripes can be similar to the selling of the pericarp . The leaves are opposite leaf arrangement , length , and three to five crack shallow at 10 ~ 15cm in width both . Conspicuous three thick vein extending from the base , heavy saw tooth . Hair of reddish brown grows on the pulse of the lower surface of the leaves . Autumn leaves will be reddish brown from yellow . Put out the inflorescence of length 5 ~ 10cm in the branches last year . Yellow-green in 5 Benhana with a diameter of 7 ~ 8mm. Male flower petals length of about 5mm, in the female flowers about 3.5mm. Fruit length 2 ~ 3cm, wings open substantially parallel , ripen from July to October around brown .
Origin and distribution:  In Japan endemic species , distributed in the Kyushu from Honshu , bright summer green in the forest of the mountains from the hills , growing in such as the lower slope and valley muscle .
Purpose and effect:  So vividly to autumn leaves to planting garden , as a park tree . Because wood is white , building materials , furniture , equipment material , is used as a Hosoe material .