Uwabamisou:Elatostema involucratum Franch. et Sav.

English Name: No information in present.
Roman Name: Uwabamisou
Flowering season: April-June
Use site: stem, leaf , rhizome
Plant commentary:  Perennial . A height of about 50cm. Dioecious . Launched a Chikuki , it is often to form a community . Stem extends diagonally in the fleshy reddish , rhizomes creeping sideways short . Hakuki can be crushed in a soft tool finger contains a water -free hair . Leaves and alternate , oblong of length 5 ~ 10cm. Tip pointed long , the handle has a rough saw-tooth -free ingredients edge . Sparse on the surface , on the back hair on the pulse to Chisei . Wear a yellow-white flowers in the axils . Male issues a pattern of 1 ~ 2cm from the veins , female the pattern is Tsukeru to consolidate the floret of Mugu yellowish white . Fruit , section of the stem is enlarged drop the asexual bud in the fall .
Origin and distribution:  Distributed in Kyushu from Hokkaido , the valley along and along streams , to grow , such as the wet slopes and cliffs of the mountains . Also distributed in China ( south of the Yangtze River ) .
Purpose and effect:  Shoots , young leaves can be eaten as it is . Heaven bra and , even or what you were boiled lightly salt to marinated in such Sanbaizu and vinegared bean paste . Summer stems from the spring , leaves and propagule also be eaten , but there is a strong habit . Rhizome takes a beard roots , well washed , taste seared crush and delicacy of Mizunatororo .