Running mountain grass


Running mountain grass:Oplismenus compositus (L.) P.Beauv.

English Name: Running mountain grass
Roman Name: Edauchichijimizasa
Flowering season: August-October
Use site: all grass
Plant commentary:  Perennial . Height 20~40cm. Similar to oplismenus hirtellus subsp. Undulatifolius but , somewhat large in the entire . Branched , and creeping on the ground , roots out for each section of the stem . Leaves and alternate , egg-shaped oval of length 3~7cm. The base embrace the stalk to the sheath , previously pointed . Stem the rise , it is longer than the Chidjimisasa Kaho . Spikelets , divided as the branches to the left and right is attached sparsely lot at the bottom of the spike , anther is purple . There is a sticky to awn . Japanese name is named after that the shape of the leaves and there is a branch in than large equipment also Kaho oplismenus hirtellus subsp. Undulatifolius that edge are similar to bamboo is curled in a wave .
Origin and distribution:  Honshu southern Kyushu from the Izu Islands south , distributed in Okinawa , somewhat dark forest edge , native , such as in open spaces . In Kochi Prefecture, often seen near the coast . In addition , Taiwan , distributed widely in Africa from South Asia .
Purpose and effect:  Used as external medicine , such as skin diseases in China , pustules after reduction of crusted is important effect was observed that recovery .