Goldthread:Coptis japonica (Thunb.) Makino

English Name: Goldthread
Roman Name: Ouren
Flowering season: March-June
Use site: rhizome
Plant commentary:  Coptis the alias of Kikubaouren used as a herbal medicine , scientific name : Captis japonica Makino is sometimes used as a broad sense . The following introduces the Kikubaouren C. japonica Makino ver. Anemoniafolia H.Ohba. Perennial . Height 10 ~ 15cm. Dioecious . New leaves expand along with the flowering , wither the old leaves . All leaves are without roots , has a one-time 3 out biplane . Leaflets to crack as Seri . Scape in height 10~25cm from rhizome , put one to three white flowers with a diameter of about 1cm to the tip . Sepals is 6 to 5 in the petal-like , degenerate petals is a nectar glands .
Origin and distribution:  Honshu from Hokkaido ( Japan Sea side) , distributed in Shikoku , grows naturally in the shade under the mountains of the forest . Also it is cultivated as medicinal plant .
Purpose and effect:  Bitterness stomach , stop diarrhea , anti-inflammatory , liver disorder improving , central depressant , antispasmodic , hypotensive , used to , such as arteriosclerosis prevention action . Cut the fine roots from the rhizome that O’ been digging in the fall , what broiled baked just well in the fire dried called the Coptidis herbal medicine , what was removed by brushing the trail of fine roots that Migakuki ream . Original yellow Ren were those dried take the rhizome of Shinaouren of China , also from China and Japan production has been a big difference is not considered to be in drug efficacy , it has been observed differences in chemical composition .